Gator and Mudcat Website
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Gator and Mudcat Website


Create a website that matched the gritty down to earth feel of these experienced musicians as they introduced the web to their form of blues and rock and roll.


Creating a website that accurately captures the gritty earthy nature of the dynamic duo known as Gator and Mudcat was not an easy task. Getting textured wooden background that was blue reflected their heritage as blues musicians while the browned paper texture called to mind a rock poster that had been rediscovered. The music is key to this project and an easily customized music player courtesy of premium beats was used to all the visitor to easily get snippets of the songs. Original photos of the duo and their appearances on a local talk show were added to enhance the overall experience. An easy to use mail sign up form was implemented as well as customized social media icons to expand the visitors ability to connect with these artist.


The website allowed people to get a feel for who and what these two musicians were about while also sampling some of their music. The look and feel of the site was easily transferred to the social media channels they were using to give the visitor easily recognizable visual cues, that these properties were all a part of the Gator and Mudcat experience.