Clean Wing Detail

Clean Wing Detail


Update the look of the existing Cleanwing Detail website to showcase the work more and make the call to action stronger.


The client wanted a website that would showcase their work and give the company’s call to action a stronger presence. To that end the website was moved to a wider format (960px wide) and the phone number was moved higher up on the page to be more visible. The color scheme used is one which reflects the company’s logo but also plays up the “clean” aspect of the service they provide. This “clean” aspect is reflected in the layout as well as it is designed to be uncluttered and open.


It is rare that you get to revisit a website you previously worked on but this was a unique opportunity, one that could not be passed up. Having created the original website and understanding that while the site served the client well there were ways it could be improved. Adding a more color to the site, to highlight the blues tones in the site which gives the feeling of being in the sky. Also the client wanted a web site which shows up well on the monitors set to higher resolutions; this precipitated a move to the 960 pixels wide format. To highlight the major call to action which is the phone number it was moved to a higher position on the site as this will make it more visible. Other improvements that were done, the creation of a custom 404 error page, .xml and .txt were added to the site. All of this was done without losing any of the optimization efforts.
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