Cross Browsers Compatibility Achieved.

In my last post I talked about how I was having problems with cross browser compatibility. Well that problem has been fixed. The pages no longer use the down and dirty tricks of a bunch of breaks to make sure the white background of the main area was shown in all browsers. IE 7, IE […]

More updates to the website and still more updates to come.

Well it’s been a while since I last posted anything on the site, far too long if the truth be told, but the site if finally starting to shape up. I now have the portfolio section online and the various galleries that fall under that portfolio are now online as well. There is a gallery […]

Viral Marketing and the Future of the Comic Book Based Movie

Having seen the Incredible Hulk two weeks ago, I was struck by how little of a presence this movie had in the months building up to the release. Sure we all saw Iron Man every where and it struck me as odd that the Marvel movies despite all of the control they seem to have […]

Template Monster Gets the Web 2.0 treatment.

Quite often I will visit different website resources to get ideas before I begin a project. I visit Template Monster from time to time because well it inspires me to see how other people have tackled the difficult challenges of making a website communicate the intended message. Now mind you the sites are very well […]

The Dark Knight’s Viral Marketing Campaign is spreading

You don’t have to be a Comic Book fan to know who Batman is. He’s an American Pop Culture icon who was birthed in the 1930’s shortly after Superman made his debut. He proved to be so popular that the comic book company that published his adventures changed their name to DC as in Detective […]

Newsarama gets the Web 2.0 treatment.

Thursday morning I was just logging on to check some emails and see what’s new in the world, nothing big, I do this every morning. Something tells me to check out Newsarama-a comic book news site I frequent-and I was quiet surprised. Much like Comic Book Resources before it which had its own major revamp […]

Slowly getting the website in shape using WordPress as a CMS

It is taking some time but, I am slowly getting my website up to speed. I’ve added the navigation to the site and now if I can just figure out how to make SEO friendly URLs I will be doing fine. I think my changes are taking too long to complete but hey this is […]