10 Great Sites for Logo Design Inspiration


Logos are one of the keys to building a successful brand. The logo is sometimes the first think people see when coming into contact with your brand and the last thing people will remember about your brand. So much time and effort is put into the design of a logo and rightfully so as the logo is so important to the overall expression of the brand. They drive the design of everything from websites, business cards, stationary and more. The ten websites listed below offer great inspiration for logo design.


Logo of the Day

Logo Of The Day is a high-profile logo design award scheme that rewards the best professional logos and trademarks designed throughout the world. All suggested logos are screened by our judge Jacob Cass to ensure this.

Logo Of The Day is also a place to come for logo design inspiration… daily! It is also a place to discuss, share & rate logo design!



LogoLounge was born out of a need for a more efficient way to find reference material for logos. The LogoLounge online logo database makes research simple. With over 175,000 logos and growing, LogoLounge has become an indispensable tool for any logo designer. And since it only costs $100 to upload unlimited logos, LogoLounge is also the most affordable international design competition.



Logolog (@logolog) is a logo design blog. The logos I post are those which made me smile and think, the ones I wish I had thought of first! I like it when logos take me by surprise, either with unexpected associations or playful ideas.



We scan through hundreds of designer portfolios everyday and showcase the best logos here on Logo Faves. We take pride in introducing some of the best talents in the world of logo design by bringing them together and turning the spotlight on their work.

We pride ourselves on having a huge selection of inspiring logos – perfect for getting the spark of creativity going on and on.



Logoed. Logo inspiration for graphic designers.

A place where we feature great logo designs, which will hopefully inspire you to create even better designs.

There is more to a brand identity that just a simple logo though, so we are now looking to include more information about the general work in relation to logo, and create discussion around these brand identies.


Logo Design Works

Logo Design Works is a leading online logo design and branding company with it’s head quarters in Madison Avenue, New York and branches in London (UK) and coming soon in Dubai (2013).

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is a website (and book) devoted to the design of logos and brand identities. Launched as a side-project in January 2008, the blog is usually updated once or twice a week with news, features, opinions, etc.

I’m your author, David Airey, a graphic designer in Northern Ireland. Here’s my graphic design portfolio, and if you’re learning about the profession, this resource might help:advice for design students (both links take you to davidairey.com).




This site celebrates the use of corporate identity as a management tool, and credits corporate leaders and designers around the world for outstanding work.


GraphicDesign.com is a leading source of news and information devoted entirely to the graphic design industry. Employers, students, and freelancers come to GraphicDesign.com to read and discuss current news, information, and events in the graphic design industry.


Brand New is a division of UnderConsideration, and it happens to be our most popular division of all the divisions. Its sole purpose is to chronicle and provide opinions on corporate and brand identity work, focusing mostly on identity design and a modest amount of packaging. We cover redesigns and new designs. Nothing more, nothing less, what you see is what you get.

What Do You Think?

The list above comprise just a fraction of the logo design inspiration sites, were any of your favorites overlooked? Please feel free to leave a comment below and point out any sites that may have been missed.