7 Fictional Corporate Websites


Fictional corporate websites have been a staple of online marketing for a while now, with many of the early sites offering clues and more information about the upcoming  movie, video game, or television series. One of the high marks of marketing utilizing websites was the online campaign for the Dark Knight. Since then there have been many movie tie in websites for fictional companies that play a pivotal role in those movies. Below you’ll find a list of some the best fictional corporate movie websites.

Omni Corp

A remake of Robocop is on the horizon at this time slated for next year. With casting still being done and not much principal photography, this site offers little insight into the title character but what it does offer is some snazzy concept art. Highlighted by a great Omni Corp marketing video which promotes the companies products, it is safe to say this site will continue to be updated as the movie release draws near.


Built for the reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise, this site offers a glimpse into the ominous company which plays a major role in the movie and the Spider-Man mythos. While the site may appear to be a bit shallow on information with an upcoming sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man, Sony would do well to keep this site going trickling out information leading up to the next blockbuster installment of the film franchise.

Stark Expo 2010

Created in 2010 in the lead up to Iron Man 2, this site is a bit dated in terms of information but it is still a lot of fun to visit. The heavy use of Flash done at the time as it offered the best in web animation and still does in some case, this site is primed for an update with Iron Man 3 already in the works. Maybe it won’t be another Stark Expo website but it should be updated if only to redirect to the new promotional site for Stark Industries.

Weyland Industries

Prometheus may have left some scratching their heads but there is no doubt about the efforts put into the movie and this website. Though not the Weyland Yutani corporation of earlier Alien films this site has room to grow as the series progresses. Hopefully this site will remain a constant changing face as we glimpse the future now. The absolute highlights are the future TED talk given by Guy Pierce and the profile of David the android.



A remake of the 1990’s Total Recall which was itself based on the writings of Philip K. Dick, this site positions you with the opportunity to become whomever you want, take the greatest vacation and have it all be a vivid real memory. While the site’s use of a video and Flash are great visually, it feels like a bit of a throw back to earlier times when movie sites were often made entirely in Flash and took forever to load on DSL or dial-up connects. Good site overall, just loose the splash page and the overuse of Flash.

Umbrella Corporation

This site has been up and available in some state or form since the first Resident Evil movie. The site is designed to deliver the experience of a typical corporation that is somehow hacked during your visit. This has been done before but here it is done to great effect. While overall the visitors experience at the site may leave them wanting more, it serves its purpose of promoting the movie in tangential way. Next time it would be nice to have a more fleshed out website to visit but overall this is a good site.


The Fraternity

Created for the movie adaptation of the comic book series Wanted, this website recast the group of super villains as a textile company, which is the front for an order of assassins. The site initially launched with much of the content limited and being revealed as the release date of the movie drew near. Being made entirely in Flash this site sports a smaller look that doesn’t take advantage of today’s wider screens. One of the oldest sites on this list while it was great when first released into the wilds this site is starting to show its age, if there is a sequel to this movie let’s hope they update this site to take advantage of HTML 5, CSS3 etc.


What Do You Think?

What did you think of these movie websites? What are some sites that were missed? What websites do you feel should be on this list? Please leave a comment.