5 Back To School Landing Pages


It’s that time of the year, the year in which kids and parents are filled with anticipation. It’s back to school time. After a long summer (or not long enough depending on whom you ask) of vacations and long hot days of fun in the sun, its time to go back to school. It is also that time of the year when stores begin to roll out their latest back to school savings both in store and online. Online sales totaled $202 billion in 2011 alone so we know that people are buying and this year is no exception with sales expected to increase. With that in mind here are five great landing pages from around the web. Below each image is a brief description of why this landing page made the list. Keep in mind this is not an endorsement of the stores but rather a look at how to these retailers use landing pages.


Bright and colorful with all of the pertinent information above the fold this landing page from Staples gets many things right when it comes to building an effective landing page. There are multiple calls to action which as this page is more set up more like an e-commerce page than a traditional landing page with few stronger calls to action.



Walmart is a retail giant for a reason, they know how to speak to their intended target market. In this case with bold picture of happy students on of varying ages on their way to school dressed for success. Its easy to see why this page would be so effective with its use of photography but Walmart goes further by utilizing a QR code allowing visitors to enter for a chance to win an Ultrabook.



Where Walmart’s target is clearly the parents of children who are still in school, Apple’s landing page is focusing on those set to go off to college. Apple makes effective use of the space here with a bold splash of color in an otherwise white and gray website. The offer for buying a $100 Back to School Gift card is positioned just above the shop now button. Very effective use of color and message.


As with Apple, Target has chosen to focus on the college student, with the bright red of their corporate colors highlighting all the important things you should be paying attention to on this page. Very effective use of layout and placement as in the first half of the page contains the most important information on the offers, mobile apps to help track your shopping and how to apply for a scholarship.


Bold bright colors highlight the various savings to be had for the different intended target markets. All while using a bold bright color scheme and even bolder fonts to spell out in no uncertain terms that Big Back 2 School Deals are available here. Each of the four quadrants that the upper half of this landing page contain the similar shop now button giving the visitor a clear message of what they should do.

Have you come across some great examples of landing pages for Back 2 School sales and deals, if so please feel free to a comment or two about them with links.