14 Great Regional Burger Chains


When you think of the fast food industry and in particular burgers a few names come to mind, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. The fast food industry and indeed the burgers and fries portion of the industry is much larger and more diverse than one would think. In 2010, the fast food industry generated total revenue of 184 billion dollars in more than 300,000 restaurants, employing 3.9 million people. Those are some great statistics but if you think the burger industry is limited to only small hand full of long-standing stalwarts, think again. Below is a list of mostly regional burger chains with great food and an even better web presence.


Original Tommy’s Hamburgers

Smash Burger


In N Out

Good Times

Fosters Freeze

Five Guys




Backyard Burger

Arctic Circle

White Castle