7 Fictional Corporate Websites

Fictional corporate websites have been a staple of online marketing for a while now, with many of the early sites offering clues and more information about the upcoming  movie, video game, or television series. One of the high marks of marketing utilizing websites was the online campaign for the Dark Knight. Since then there have […]

5 Back To School Landing Pages

It’s that time of the year, the year in which kids and parents are filled with anticipation. It’s back to school time. After a long summer (or not long enough depending on whom you ask) of vacations and long hot days of fun in the sun, its time to go back to school. It is […]

14 Great Regional Burger Chains

When you think of the fast food industry and in particular burgers a few names come to mind, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. The fast food industry and indeed the burgers and fries portion of the industry is much larger and more diverse than one would think. In 2010, the fast food industry […]

10 Official Olympic Country Websites

Following up on the Summer Olympic Posters post from earlier in the week here is a list 10 official Olympic committee websites for the respective countries. If you have any Olympic country websites that you feel should be listed please leave a comment. Arthur Brown Jr.Hello, my name is Arthur Brown Jr., a web designer, […]

27 Summer Olympic Posters

The Summer Olympics in full swing in London, here a list of Olympic posters going back to 1896. Through out the years there have been numerous stories of great athletic achievements in the Olympics, from individuals like Carl Lewis, to Usain Bolt, Brandi Chastain,  and many others from around the world have created memories that […]