5 Things That Have Changed Since My Last Site Redesign

5 Things That Have Changed Since My Last Site Redesign

5 Things That Have Changed Since My Last Site Redesign

When the 2008 version of this web site launched, it was a time of change in the online world. It was an exciting time, it was just before the coming economic meltdown which continues to plague us to this day. It is tough out there but hopefully things are getting better. Here are my list of  5 things that have changed since I launched the last version of this website.

Web 2.05. Web 2.0

Times were changing in 2008 and people were looking for a term to encapsulate this change. The term Web 2.0 was born years before but by 2008 it seemed that the term was on the verge of becoming meaningless marketing speak. Web 2.0 was meant to describe the change coming to the internet. The internet was changing as social media, was fueling a fundamental shift in how people spent there time on the web. As the web continued to evolve this term seemed to fall out of favor.

My Space Logo4. MySpace

Never was the biggest fan of MySpace but at the time it was a juggernaut. Purchased in by Newscorp for $580 million in 2005, by June of 2008, they boasted 110 million monthly active users. By comparison at the time Facebook had only 60 million monthly active users. The rise of facebook no doubt helped push MySpace into a place where it is now almost irrelevant. MySpace currently has around  25 million active users in the  US, by comparison Google+ which launched in 2011 has over 250 million users.

3. Zune

Yes Zune is still around and can be found on Xbox, but this Zune was actual hardware and was made to compete with the popular iPod and other lower priced MP3 players. The Zune boasted the impressive feature of  giving the users the ability to share songs with other Zune users wirelessly. Sadly problems such as freezing because of a internal clock driver problem and a few other issues spelled the end of the Zune hardware.


Yahoo! Logo

2. Yahoo! Search Marketing

At one point there were 3 major search advertising networks, Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter and finally Yahoo! Search Marketing. Yahoo! purchased Overture for $1.63 billion in 2003 and went on to redevelop Overture’s formula with one that was similar to Google’s. Eventually as Google’s Adword platform grew, and there was more competition from Bing, Yahoo! entered into a partnership with Bing to power its ads platform.



IE 61. Internet Explorer 6

The bane of every web developer’s existence in 2008, it was only then beginning to see a decline in users more than 6 years after its release on August 27th, 2001. At one point this browser reached a market share of the high 80s. A pain to code for as it was out dated in terms of its ability to allow the users to take advantage of all the new and dynamic changes in jquery, CSS etc. at the time. Internet Explorer 9 is now out and Internet Explorer 6 still enjoys a 6.17% amongst the various versions of IE. While not completely gone its still in use one can only hope that it will eventually go away.




What are some of the things that have changed since your last site redesign?