Arthur Brown Jr. V 2.0: creation of an online portfolio

Identity & Illustration Gallery


Create a website that would serve as a showcase for my work and skills while creating an online presence.


Knowing that the web is constantly growing and expanding a website was needed that could be easily updated thus adding more fresh content rapidly. All of this while showcasing the latest developments in my work and skill set. Thus using a content management system that could be customized and allow for the creation of content easily and rapidly was needed.


By using WordPress as a CMS the goal of creating a site which would serve as a showcase for the latest work examples while allowing for the creation of an online presence through the rapid creation of unique content. This site will constantly be a work in progress but thus far the success. The ease of adding content through WordPress frees me up to focus more on the development of my skills and work while allowing me to build an online presence. Overall the website so far has been a success in terms of my initial goals.