The Dark Knight’s Viral Marketing Campaign is spreading

You don’t have to be a Comic Book fan to know who Batman is. He’s an American Pop Culture icon who was birthed in the 1930’s shortly after Superman made his debut. He proved to be so popular that the comic book company that published his adventures changed their name to DC as in Detective Comics the book which Batman made his debut. So you know he is something special. A truly great character he has survived changed with and transcended the times. He as I stated before is an icon, I know that Bob Kane and Bill Finger would be proud of their creation.

One of Batman’s advantages was always his use of technology. In the build up to the new Batman movie titled The Dark Knight Warner Bros has decided to make extensive use of Viral Marketing to get the word out about the movie. I for one am thrilled about this approach to selling the movie to the masses. Spread like a virus has never been easier with sites like Stumble Upon, MySpace, and Facebook. Oh don’t get me wrong the good people at Warner’s are still using the traditional means, (TV, Print, etc.) to get the word out about the movie.

I can’t wait for the Batman movie oh and if you’re interested here is a complete listing as of May 31, 2008 of all the viral sites connected to the movie.

  2. Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham
  5. The Gotham Times
  21. Gotham City Rail
  22. Acme Security Systems (Homepage)
  23. Acme Security Systems (Password Site)
  24. We Are The Answer
  25. A Taste for the Theatrical
  26. Gotham Police’s Major Crimes Unit
  27. Gotham Police
  28. Kinsly Travel
  29. Gotham City Ferries
  30. Gotham National Bank
  31. Batty’s House of Pies
  32. Rossi’s Delicatessen
  33. Gotham Intercontinental Hotel
  34. Operation Slipknot (Offshoot site of Gotham Police’s Major Crimes Unit)
  35. Kinsly Travel

Oh, and here is a link to the official site.

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