Newsarama gets the Web 2.0 treatment.

Thursday morning I was just logging on to check some emails and see what’s new in the world, nothing big, I do this every morning. Something tells me to check out Newsarama-a comic book news site I frequent-and I was quiet surprised. Much like Comic Book Resources before it which had its own major revamp a few months ago, this Newsarama revamp is all Web 2.0. I like the look of the site but the focus seems to have changed from comic books or at least it is harder for me to find new things comic book related.

At any rate I suspect it is my own lack of experience with this site that has hindered my search for all things comic book related on this site. It’s a good looking site, not that I had any great dislike for the old design. The site is also a Beta site so hopefully they will work any hiccups out of the site before too long. Being a web designer I have a different perspective on the redesign as I know what seems to be a simple sprucing up of the look of a site is in reality very tricky.

Several factors to include in the redesign of a site are the usability of the site and the preservation of the data on that site. Web site usability is a key component in web design as sometimes the greatest looking sites aren’t entirely user friendly. Take a look around there are several high profile sites out there that are pretty to look at but you can easily get lost in them. What good is a slick looking site if people have a hard time navigating the site? Unless your overall goal is to create a site which is challenging to navigate.

The preservation of the data is also a key factor for website but in the case of a huge site like Newsarama it is extremely important. As far as I can tell it was database driven and this can be tricky when updating to a new version or a completely different CMS. You don’t want to loose the data and you don’t want to loose how that data has been indexed by the search engines. I’ve seen it time and time again where a site is updated and the search results that are listed in the various search engines are useless to the user. Few things will drive a visitor away quicker than a dead search result link.

All in all I am saying I like the look of the site and hopefully as I am a frequent reader of the site it will get better over time. I like the look of the site in the end and I find it user friendly just wish they’d focus more on comic books.